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   This is Snowmass Ski Area. You can almost see the whole ski mountain in this view: Fanny Hill, Sam's Knob, Big Burn, High Alpine, Elk Camp. The house is conviently located and close to two ski lifts to this beautiful ski area.

   Our Snowmass Home is approximately where the red dot is. It's located at the end of a very well maintained road. And, of course, in the summertime we're surrounded by wonderful green aspen groves.

   We're a few minutes away from Snowmass Village and the free bus transit system, shopping, and postal and town services. The town of Aspen is only about 20 minutes away; as well as, the other ski mountains: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. The elevation here is 8,300 ft. (In the picture above, the peaks behind the ski mountain are Capital and Pyramid.)